Original Research Agricultural Extension and Education
Evaluating the Development Levels of Rural Areas in Koohrang County

saleh shahrokhi sardo; mosa mahmoodiberam; Ali sina Moolai; Nasser Agha abasi

Volume 2, Issue 4 , February 2016, Pages 400-383


  A better understanding of geographical phenomena and scientific comprehending of geographical locations requires comprehensive information about these areas. In addition, the awareness of the spatial distribution and development levels are considered as prerequisites for rural development plans and programs. ...  Read More

Original Research Agri Eco.
Evaluating the Effects of Farming Systems on Potato Production Factors Productivity; a Case Study in Kordesatan and Hamedan

nasibeh zarei; hossein mehrabi boshrabadi; hamid reza mirzaei khalil abadi

Volume 2, Issue 4 , February 2016, Pages 401-414


  In the current study, the effects of farming systems on potato production factors productivity were investigated in the 2011-2012. The data were collected using two stages cluster sampling and preparing 208 questionnaires submitted to farmers in the Koredestan and Hamedan Provinces. The efficacy of farming ...  Read More

Original Research Agricultural Extension and Education
Feasibility of Rainfed Viticulture in Marivan Rural Region Using SWOT Method, Sarkal County)

Rehaneh soltani moqadas; Masoud Khoran

Volume 2, Issue 4 , February 2016, Pages 415-434


  Abstract Due to being in mountainous regions, Sarkal County has not developed much either physically or agriculturally. However, its specific climatic conditions have provided an opportunity to establish rainfed vineyards. The aim of this study was to evaluate the potentials and capability of the region ...  Read More

Original Research Geography and plan
Co-Locating the Processing of Agricultural Products

Adel Sulaimany; Hasan Afrakhteh; Rafat Sulaimany

Volume 2, Issue 4 , February 2016, Pages 435-446


  Determination and identification of areas with economic potential, particularly in the production and processing of agricultural products and targeted investments in rural, urban and regional planning, is one of the important issues and it has a critical role in increasing employment, income, rural productivity ...  Read More

Original Research Agri Eco.
Decomposing Growth of the Agricultural Products Value in Golestan Province

Farshid Eshraghi; Masoumeh Alamian; Ramtin Joolaei

Volume 2, Issue 4 , February 2016, Pages 447-454


  The agricultural sector has a special and important place in Iran. In order to make policies and protocols in agricultural sector, it is necessary to better understand the effective factors in growing this sector. In this study, it was attempted to use an appropriate approach to analyze the components ...  Read More

Original Research Agri Eco.
Determine cropping pattern in order to production organic products in selected district in Karman province

mahmoud ahmadpour borazjani; Hadi nikoee dastjerdi

Volume 2, Issue 4 , February 2016, Pages 455-476


  In parallel with the increasing global population, food security or increasing agricultural products is one of the biggest challenges that human society is faced with during the recent decades, this necessity led to overuse of pesticides and fertilizers which cause serious and sometimes irreversible ...  Read More

Original Research Agri Eco.
Determining the Appropriate Economic Strategy to Conserve Groundwater Resources in Qazvin Plain

Abozar Parhizkari; Mahdi Khodadadi Hoseyni; Hossein Taghizade Ranjbari; Abolfazle Mahmoodi

Volume 2, Issue 4 , February 2016, Pages 477-496


  Qazvin plain is one of the capable plains in Iran to produce of agricultural goods. Unfortunately, due to inordinate shafts digging and irregular use of groundwater the level of groundwater has been decreased during two last decades so that water balance is negative now. To conserve the groundwater resources ...  Read More