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1 Assistant professor of Agricultural Economics dept. of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources University of Gorgan

2 M.Sc. in Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University of Gorgan

3 Assistant professor Department of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, University of Gorgan


The agricultural sector has a special and important place in Iran. In order to make policies and protocols in agricultural sector, it is necessary to better understand the effective factors in growing this sector. In this study, it was attempted to use an appropriate approach to analyze the components of the growth of agricultural products’ value. For this purpose, a non-parametric approach named “multiplicative decomposition method” based on time-series data (1991-92 – 2010-2011) were used to separate value’s growth to parameters such as price [1]growth, cultivation area growth, yield growth and changing cropping pattern and determine the effect of each parameter. The results showed that the growth of agricultural products’ value has had the average annual growth of 16 percent, while the value of the same products in the country showed the average annual growth of 18 percent. Although, the value of agricultural products during the study showed a positive growth, price growth and then cropping pattern were the main reason[2]s for this growth. In sum, these results represent lack of an appropriate improvement in land productivity growth and cropping pattern in Golestan province.


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