Determining Effective Factors on Demand for Rural Livestock Insurance (Case study: Marand Township)

Mohammad Khodaverdizadeh; Saber Khodaverdizadeh; Faramarz Masoomzadeh

Volume 1, Issue 3 , December 2014, Pages 1-18


  Agricultural insurance is the most important strategies to achieve to security of income and stability of production. This study investigates factors affecting adoption of livestock insurance in rural areas of Marand township, using Logit model. Data and information required for this study are collected ...  Read More

Analysis of Water Economic Value in Production of Potato: A Case Study of Villages of Kordestan and Hamedan Province

Nasibeh Zarei; Hossein Mehrabi Boshrabadi; Mehdi Khosravy

Volume 1, Issue 3 , December 2014, Pages 19-32


  This study estimates water economic value in production of potato in 2011-12, using parametric method of production function. Data have been collected through questionnaires. Research sample includes 208 farmers and landowners in the Koredestan and Hamedan provinces, based on Cochran formula and two ...  Read More

The Trend of Poverty and its Causes in Iranian Rural Households during 1983-2012

Mohammad mowlaei

Volume 1, Issue 3 , December 2014, Pages 33-46


  One of the household's economic welfare indices is their consumption mixture during a given period. The aim of this study is to answer this question that has the consumption mixtures of rural households been improved or worse during 1995-2012 compared to 1983-1995? To this end, using time series data ...  Read More

Identifying Potential of Investment in Agricultural Cooperatives of Hamadan Province Compared to Other Areas of Cooperation Using AHP Technique

Mostafa Teimoori; Hasan Reihani Hamadani; Mohammad hadi Hajian; Mahmood Teimoori

Volume 1, Issue 3 , December 2014, Pages 47-61


  The purpose of this research is to investigate the potentials of investment in agriculture co-operations in compare with other investment fields of co-operation in Hamedan Province, Iran. The data required for this research, are gathered in two steps of library study and field research by utilizing researchers’ ...  Read More

Optimal Locating of Central Villages using Topsis Decision- Making Model (Case Study of Doshman Ziyari District- Mamasani Township)

Ali Shamsoddini; Kioumars Dehghani

Volume 1, Issue 3 , December 2014, Pages 63-79


      Man from past had tried to established in nature so to have maximum use of the nature environment. The establishment of human settlements along the rivers, roads and delta show this claim. Human societies always thought to organize the environment and optimum use of resources, but ...  Read More

Analyzing Vulnerability of Family Farming System in Kermanshah Province, Case Study of Wheat Farmers

Abdolmajid Papzan; Shahpar Garvandi

Volume 1, Issue 3 , December 2014, Pages 81-96


  Family farming system is the most important agrarian system in Kermanshah province. The review shows that few studies have focused on vulnerability in Kermanshah's family farming system; while assessments of vulnerability can provide an important guide to programmers and decision makers on resource allocation ...  Read More

Social Functions of Family Farms in Rural Sustainable Development: The Attitude Assessment of Agricultural Experts of Golestan Province

Ahmad Abedi Sarvestani

Volume 1, Issue 3 , December 2014, Pages 97-111


  Economic pressure caused production and efficiency has been considering as major goals in agriculture. Indeed agriculture is not merely a job to make money but it is a way of life which is important regards to its cultural, social and environmental functions. With structural changes in agriculture and ...  Read More

Analysis of Rural People's Attitude toward Rural Tourism Impacts

Hamid Nasrabadi; Driush Hayati

Volume 1, Issue 3 , December 2014, Pages 113-124


  In desspit of governments attention for improving rural areas which have potential for rural tourism development, there is less attended to their residents' attitudes in this regard. Therefore, this study aims to analyze rural residents' attitude toward rural tourism impacts. Research method is descriptive ...  Read More

Analysis of Driving and Hindering Factors of ICT Development in Villages of Central Part of Najaf Abad County

Fatemeh Sourani; Khalil Kalantari; Ali Asadi; Farahnaz Rostami; Arezou Babajani; Mohammad Sadegh Ebrahimi

Volume 1, Issue 3 , December 2014, Pages 125-140


  Despite entering ICT in many villages of Iran, many capabilities of this technology in rural areas has not been paid much attention and exploitation due to lack of recognition of driving and hindering factors. In fact, without recognition of mentioned factors, any action would result in the loss of human ...  Read More

Investigation of Factors Affecting the Adoption of Organic Farming by Farmers in Alborz Province

Hamze Mirsalimi; Homayon Farhadian; Shaghaygh kheiri; Farhad Khosravani

Volume 1, Issue 3 , December 2014, Pages 141-163


  The aim of this study is to investigate the factors affecting adoption of organic farming. The study is a kind of applied and descriptive–correlational method. The research population is agricultural producers of Alborz Province. Sample size was determine by Cochran's formula (n= 200) and using ...  Read More