Document Type : Original Research


1 - Graduate Master of Rural Development. Faculty of Agriculture, Lorestan University., Iran

2 Assistant Professor, Department of Rural Development, Faculty member of Lorestan University, Iran


The main purpose of this survey research is to evaluate the rural youth tendency to employment in agricultural sub-sectors in the Beyranshahr County in the Lorestan province. The statistical population consisted of 15 to 24-year old youth in the Beyranshahr County (N= 1404). Then 181 of them were selected as a statistical sample by using Cochran’s formula. The samples were selected in two stages. The first step is choosing the sample size proportional to the population in every village. Then, the samples that was specified in each village were chosen and the data was collected by using a questionnaire. Questionnaire's reliability and validity were confirmed, respectively through computing Cronbach's alpha coefficient and content validity. Finally, the data was analyzed by the SPSS software. The result showed that youth of the Beyranshahr County have respectively the most and least tendency to employment in horticulture and brokering (purchase and sale) of agricultural products. In addition, the tendency of youth to employment in the horticulture sub-sector such as collecting and processing medicinal plants in the forest and pastures and or industrial processes and packaging them exist more in youth in whose villages such activities are dominant as compared with the youth in whose villages such activities are not dominant. 


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