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1 ahvaz

2 Associate prof, Geography and Rural Planning, shahid chamran university of ahvaz, Iran


One of the things that is important in waste management. Topic, Site Selection landfill and leachate from this landfill in the rural areas. So far in relation to aquifer pollution vulnerability assessment by using these models or similar models (like Avi and Drastic, Si, etc.) Many studies have been done. But According To The importance of waste and its impact on the surrounding environment as well as pollution of groundwater by leachate waste, this model is described as a powerful instrument for the protection of these areas that are affected by contaminants.The aims of this research the application of the GODS model in selection of appropriate area of the rural landfill. In fact should be select landfill sites that have the least impact on the aquifer pollution. Methods of collecting this research uses attritional, case study and study method are descriptive-analytical methods .In this Study, Gods model was used to landfill site selection. Each of these models are made from combining the hydrogeological parameters affecting the transport of contaminants to the aquifer. These parameters appear in the GIS software for seven layer that the necessary checks on them. Results show By using Gods model in the current situation, about 1.6 % of the study area in total In a state of vulnerability has been very low and be negligible that Can be determined by taking these areas are great place to landfill.


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Rosen, R. 1994. A study of the DRASTIC methodology with emphasis on Swedish condition. Groundwater, 32: 278-285.