Document Type : Original Research


1 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Agricultural, payam Nour University, Tehran, Iran

2 Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics and Agricultural Development, University Tehran

3 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Economics and Agricultural Development, University Tehran

4 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Agriculture, scientific and industrial research organization


During recent years, animal organic productions have been of interest to producers, policy makers and consumers around the world. The aim of the present study is identification of organic milk production difficulties in the Ardabil province by using the cross – correlation method. The population under study included 200 livestock experts and consultancy company staff of this province and the effective sample size used was 120 that was obtained by Cochran statistics. The sampling and selection technique used for choosing the sample society was the stratified random sampling technique. The main tool of data collection was a questionnaire whose validity was not only confirmed by experts but its Cronbach alpha coefficient was 95%. The results showed that the 9 main difficulties were inefficiencies of institutional infrastructure, research infrastructure, market infrastructure, development and implementation of guidelines, cultural and psychological inadequacy of infrastructure, existence of production risk, and ineffectiveness of the services offered to producers, inadequacy of knowledge and information ranchers and inefficiency of management of animal units. These items covered 69.75% of the total variation related to the difficulties of organic milk production in this province.


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