Document Type : Original Research


1 Assistant Professor, Kurdistan Agricultural and Natural Resources Research and Education Center, AREEO, Sanandaj, Iran.

2 Assistant Professor, Golestan Agricultural and Natural Resources Research and Education Center, AREEO, Sanandaj, Iran


Agricultural development is one of the most critical strategies approaches in rural communities and agricultural development. However, the effectiveness of the strategy has been questioned by some macroeconomic policy makers and social groups. Therefore, Evaluating the socio-economic effects of agricultural research is the first necessity to prove its valuable results. Therefore, this research was conducted with the purpose of evaluating the economic effects of the research activities, using the economic surplus analysis at the Kurdistan Agriculture and Natural Resources Research and Education Center(KANRRE), in 2021. The findings showed that investment in agricultural research increased the benefits and economic welfare of producers(farmers) and consumers of agricultural products and had positive effects on the development of the agricultural and rural sector of the province. The internal rate of return and the average benefit-cost ratio of the research activities have been evaluated as 50% and 1.7, respectively, at this research center. So, each 1 Rial invested in agricultural research has 1.7 Rials of economic benefits for those engaged in agricultural research, especially farmers as the main population of the rural communities of the province. As a result, this increase in benefits will have positive effects on the development process of the agricultural sector and rural communities. Therefore, it is suggested that the government provides the necessary platforms, taking into account its governance duties, by applying supportive policies, both from the perspective of allocating sufficient research credits and from the point of view of creating convergence among all economic policy makers of the country, to create the necessary belief in the fundamental and strategic role of agricultural research in economic and rural development


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