Document Type : Original Research


1 Assistance Professor of Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Planning, Economic and Rural Development Research Institute (APERDRI) - Tehran- Iran.

2 Ph.D. in Accounting-Head of Financial Affairs of HPGC - Hormozgan-Iran.


In this research transfer and distribution risks of natural gas to rural regions were assessed, evaluated and prioritized, then solutions of their hedging were provided for the case study of Hormozgan province gas company (HPGC). In order to collect the data, designed questionnaires were distributed between chosen sample (using snowball sampling) of expert of gas industry especially in Hormozgan province and 17 questionnaires completed and received. Also, in order to data analyzing, the Delphi technique, analytical hierarchy process (AHP), DEMATEL technique and analytical network process (ANP) were applied. The findings reveal a total of 31 risks distributed across five primary criteria in the transfer and distribution of natural gas to rural areas. With the exceptions of "change in domestic investment rules" and "change in technology," which fall under the yellow (precautionary) category, all other evaluated risks are classified as red (high-risk). Notably, the primary risk criteria in natural gas transfer and distribution to rural regions, ranked in descending order, are "Managerial/organizational," "Economic," "Legal and political," "Environmental," and "Technical." In addition, between risk sub-criteria: "non-adequacy of professional employees", "liquidity lack", "HSE inefficiency", "budget absorption", "managers' unsuitable performance and decisions", "price fluctuations", "economic sanctions", "inefficient scheduling", "fatal events" and "exchange rate fluctuations", are prior. Finally solutions of hedging natural gas transfer and distribution to rural regions by HPGC based on their priority were provided.


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