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1 Associate Professor and Faculty Member, Department of Geography, Zanjan University

2 Faculty member of Geography Department, Zanjan University

3 Department of Geography, Faculty of Humanities, Zanjan University, Zanjan, Iran


Housing in rural areas has a special role in meeting basic human needs. Considering the various functions of rural housing, it is important to study the impact of various factors on how it changes and evolves. The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of lifestyle on the physical identity of housing in rural areas. The present study was conducted in the first half of 1399 by data collection, library and field methods and using tools (questionnaire, observation); the type of research is applied and the research method is descriptive-analytical. The statistical population of the research is the households of the villages of Gozeldareh rural district, which in the 1395 census has eight inhabited villages: including 1451 households and 4864 people. Among households, 305 households were selected using the Cochran's formula as a sample and from each village, based on the percentage of households, a number of samples were completed to complete a questionnaire and simple random sampling. The method of data analysis was quantitative and using descriptive statistics (mean, frequency percentage and standard deviation) and inferential statistics (path analysis). According to this; in the physical dimension of index housing (adequacy of housing for rest) with an average of 3.27% and in the dimension of attachment to the index place (villagers' efforts to resolve social disputes) with an average of 3.77% is the most important. According to the results of the inferential test, the dimensions of lifestyle as an independent variable and housing identity as a dependent variable, and among the dimensions of lifestyle, the dimension of spiritual health with the highest beta (0.494) is the most influential factor. The main proposal of the present study is to provide housing rehabilitation credit facilities taking into account the living needs of the villagers.


Main Subjects

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