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1 Associated Professor, Department of plant production, faculty of agricultre and natural resources, University of Torbat Heydarieh

2 University of Torbat Heydarieh


This research was conducted to evaluate and compare the performance of a hybrid silkworm breeding with three varieties of mulberry leaves. This hybrid as a basic hybrid maternal Japanese are rearing in provinces of Khorasans. In this study, the hybrids with different levels of leaves from Kenmochi with red fruit، native berry withe whit fruit and black berry was examined. The parameters measured were: feed intak, feed digestion, the consumption ability, feed digestability, conversion ratio, cocoon weigh, special number of cocoon, specific cocoon weight, weight of usless cocoon, efficiency of feed consumption to cocoon shell, efficiency of digestive feeding to cocoon shell weight, efficiency 0f digestive feeding to cocoon weight and efficiency of feed consumption to cocoon weight. The results showed silkworms that consumed leaves of kenmochi had better performance. Also, they had better performance for traits special number cocoon, especially cocoon weight, cocoon shell weight, feed efficiency to cocoon shell weight, feed efficiency to cocoon weight.


Main Subjects

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