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There are various and continuous interactions between a city and village. Thus, rural and urban areas cannot be considered separately in studies and planning. Accordingly, the main goal of this research is to identify the internal and external Spatial events of rural settlements, and to identify the role and influence of Spatial events on the formation and transformation of Spatial organization. In this research, the Spatial events that are the determining factor in the formation of the Spatial organization of the studied area are analyzed by a reticulated approach. The quiddity of the present study is exploratory, and the method is descriptive-analytic. The studied statistical population is consisted of 122 experts and managers of urban and rural settlements in Zeberkhan rural districts, 74 of them were randomly selected as sample size. The required data and information were collected, using filed study method, questionnaires, and by questioning. Secondary data was obtained by referring to principal organizations and institutions. Afterwards, the obtained data was analyzed in the framework of the network paradigm, using the network analysis method and NodeXL software. The results showed that lack of proper distribution of services and facilities and the lack of Spatial balance, caused increased displacement and movement among human settlements at a rural district level. Therefore, the three settlements of Qadamgah, Baghshan and Darrud have been made the main first to third places of traffic within the region. Also, the results of flow analysis indicate that the pattern of flows is in the form of one way links, and that the complementary, two-way and synergistic links are not formed.


Main Subjects

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