Document Type : Original Research


1 M.Sc. student of Rural Development Department, Yasouj University

2 Assistant Prof. of Rural Development Department, Yasouj University.

3 Ph.D. student of Agricultural Development Department, Yasouj University


The aim of this research was to investigate the effect of processing industries on reducing agricultural products’ wastes.  A causal- comparative research method was used for this purpose.  According to experts’ opinions, two villages (with & without processing industries) were selected.  Sample size was determined as 330 ones using Krejcie and Morgan table and stratified sampling with proportional allocation.  A research-made questionnaire was used to collect datawhich itsvalidity was confirmed by experts’ view and its reliability measured by calculating Cronbach’s alpha coefficient. The result of the research showed that agricultural products’ wastes in village with processing industries are less than it in village without processing industries.  Other results showed that post-harvest wastes have reduced two percent because of processing industries.  Furthermore, storing and preserving wastes have reduced 6. 67 percent due to processing industries.  Moreover, agricultural food processing wastes have diminished 11. 67 percent.  Finally, these industries cut down 23 percent of transiting and distributing agricultural wastes.  According to the results of this study, the most effect of processing industries on reducing agricultural products’ wastes was in transiting and distributing stage and the least effect was in post-harvest stage.