Document Type : Original Research


1 Associate Professor of Geography, Department of Geography, Faculty of Humanities, University of Zanjan

2 Master of Geography and Rural Planning, Faculty of Humanities, Zanjan University, Zanjan


The study of literature on rural development and planning shows that one of the most well-known rural development strategies is entrepreneurship. Hence, what is at stake here is the importance of the role of rural entrepreneurship and rural business. In this regard, this research aims to analyze the factors affecting entrepreneurship in the rural tourism sector, which is descriptive-analytical in terms of its nature and method and with regard to its intended purposes. The statistical population in this study was the population living in the villages of Zoeram Township. According to the modified version of Cochran, 131 questionnaires were prepared. The data and data were collected in 2017 using library and field studies (observation and completion of questionnaires). After collecting data from the questionnaire, using simple random sampling, data obtained after encoding were analyzed by descriptive and analytic statistical methods using the SPSS and AMOS software. The results showed that economic, social, natural - ecological and organizational factors are effective in creating rural tourism space. And the weakness of the individual situation with the least amount of evidence suggests that it has a negative effect on the creation of a tourism entrepreneurial environment, which can even be regarded as an effective barrier, in spite of a progressive barrier with creative intellectual enhancement and entrepreneurship can be transformed into an opportunity and improved conditions.


Main Subjects

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