Document Type : Original Research


1 PhD Education Department, Agricultural Extension & amp, Tarbiat Modares University

2 Associate Professor Agricultural Extension & Education Department, Tarbiat Modares University

3 Assistant Professor, Institute Training and Vocational Higher Education, Tehran, Iran


Human habitats have always been subject to change considering the available construction space as well as internal and external processes evolved. The rural settlements, as part of the geographic system, which consist of components related to each other, are influenced by the position of the place - space, interaction or communication (internal and external local, regional and national scale) and they are  always subject to changes in the structure and functioning of rural areas in different regions. The method of this research is descriptive-analytic and a large field study, documentary and library method are used to collect information. In order to investigate the structural-functional changes in these villages, indicators were selected in different dimensions (environmental-ecological, socio-cultural, economic-livelihoods, physical, physical), which were estimated by random sampling of 317 samples. The questionnaire was used by residents of rural households whose validity was confirmed by some experts. The Cronbach's alpha coefficient (0.77) was used to determine the reliability of the main scale of the questionnaire. After completing the questionnaire, information analysis and hypothesis testing were evaluated using t-test and spearman correlation and the difference between these indices in rural development. The  results show that the environmental - ecological villages saw an increase in deep wells, reducing the discharge of springs and aqueducts, changes in land use and the social dimension with increased migration and immigration, the government policies, the economics and these have affected rural habitats.


Main Subjects

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