Document Type : Original Research


1 Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics, Urmia University, Iran

2 MSc. Graduated (Master) of Agricultural Economics, Urmia University


The marketing of agricultural products has become increasingly important with the transition from traditional agriculture to the new stage, and given the fact that the centers of consumption of fish are far from the production areas, most of which are in the peripheral and rural areas. Considering the economic importance of fish in the country's economy and considering global competition in agricultural products and the high capacity of fish production, this study examines the marketing margin of fish and its impact on employment and attracting villagers to this profession. Data and information was collected through questionnaires from 232 salmon producers, 25 wholesale and 60 retailers in Ahwaz in 1395. In this study, data was collected by the markup-up model. The results showed that the margins of total marketing, wholesale and retail sales per kg of fish were 158585, 38268, and 120317 Rials, respectively. Also, with an increase in retail prices and the cost of marketing services, the marketing margin will increase by 89% and 0.31 units, respectively. The marketing cost coefficient of 29% of trout showed that marketing costs for salmon in Ahwaz were 29% of the average price per kilo of trout. Based on the estimated model, retail prices and marketing costs have a direct and significant relationship with producer income and have a reverse and significant relationship with the marketing margin of fish.


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