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1 Associate Professer Department of Agriculture Extention and Education College of Agriculture Razi University . Kermanshah

2 Graduate in Department of Agriculture Extention and Education College of Agriculture Razi University . Kermanshah


During the past a few years, climate change has created a serious challenge for fish farmers. However , Vulnerability of fish farmers has been neglected. Therefore, the purpose of this qualitative study was to determine the vulnerability of fish farmers in Ghasre-Shirin fish farming complex. Using Community based Risk Assessment (CRA) paradigm, 46 fish farmers participated in this study. The major premise of CRA is to assess vulnerability and adaptive strategies of fish farming community. Qualitative data was collected using focus group discussion, seasonal calendar, hazard map, vulnerability formula and mind mapping. Results revealed that fish farmers are aware of climate change and that they believed water scarcity, increased air temperature, and dust were the major changes occurring in the community. Fish farmers were most vulnerable towards water scarcity and higher temperature and less vulnerable towards dust. Results also revealed that climate change had a major impact on fish loss, shortened production cycle and lower fish production. Fish farmers used the following adaptive strategies: using mechanized machinery in the farm, using less fish density and releasing heavier weighted fish.The following recommendation are given based on the resulet: cultivation of resistant variteties,use of new technology in fish farming, governmental suffort ,and motivating adaptive strategies among fish farmers.


Main Subjects

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