Document Type : Original Research


1 Associate Prof., Department of Agricultural Extension & Education, Shiraz University, Iran

2 M.Sc. Student, Department of Agricultural Extension & Education, Shiraz University, Iran


The aim of this study is to investigate factors affecting pomegranate growers' tendency toward agricultural insurance in Natanz County. Sample size was 250 that were selected by Kucran formula collected by questionnaire. Questionnaire reliability was examined by Cronbach's Alpha method about 80 percent. Findings revealed that willingness to insurance has direct relation with age, background in orchard production, number of household members, awareness toward insurance, positive attitude about insurance, risk prone, social participator, use of information resources in relation to insurance,  annual income, production amount, total area of orchard. Moreover, those pomegranate growers that agricultural production was their second job, in compare to those who agricultural production was their main job, had more tendency toward insurance. Besides, those who got into debt in compare to those who did not get into debt had more tendency toward insurance. Using information resources to enhance pomegranate growers' awareness toward insurance, delivering supportive services for small holder pomegranate growers, and installment of insurance amount for those who have less earned income, are some part of those recommendations which have been presented in this study in order to enhance tendency toward agricultural insurance.


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