Document Type : Original Research


1 Graduate student of Agricultural Promotion, Promotion Department, Zanjan University.

2 Assistant Professor of Promotion, Communication and Rural Development, Promotion Group, Zanjan University.


The main objective of this study is to measure grape growers’ knowledge of raisin processing and packaging in the Takestan Township and its’ correlation with use of information resources. The statistical population consists of 2462 grape growers in the central district of the Takestan Township 240 of whom in 15 villages were selected based on the Cochran sampling formula and applying the multi-stage randomized stratified sampling method. A questionnaire was used for data collection which was satisfactory in terms of reliability and validity. The findings revealed that 867 percent of grape growers have access to a moderate level of knowledge about raisin processing and packaging. They have a good knowledge of pre-planting grape and have very little knowledge about packaging and storage of raisin. The respondents have a high level of access to expert grape growers’ among 13 information resources and communication channels. They emphasized on their experience, their relatives’ knowledge and expert grape growers’ as the most important source of knowledge for them. The results of correlation analysis showed that there is a positive meaningful correlation between grape growers’ knowledge and the coverage of extension and education services and access to information resources and communication channels. Also, there was a meaningful difference between the various academic groups in terms of knowledge, so the usage of new information tools in updating grape growers' knowledge is recommended.


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