Document Type : Original Research


Department of Psychology, Ardakan university, Ardakan, Yazd, Iran.


The present study aims to investigate the role of job variables (work life quality, job security and job satisfaction) in the life satisfaction of villagers in the Yazd province and it is done using correlation analysis. A sample of 390 rural farmers in the Yazd province was selected by the two-stage cluster sampling method and tested by questionnaires on the quality of work life, job security, job satisfaction and life satisfaction. The data was analyzed by Pearson correlation coefficient and stepwise regression. The results showed that the quality of work life, job security and job satisfaction have a significant positive correlation with life satisfaction (p <.01). Life satisfaction is also predicted by these variables (quality of work life, job security and job satisfaction) (p <.001). Overall, it is concluded that all three variables of quality of work life, job security, and job satisfaction play important roles in terms of satisfaction with life for rural farmers.


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