Document Type : Original Research


1 M.Sc. Agricultural Management, Islamic Azad University of Shooshtar

2 Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural Management, Islamic Azad University of Shooshtar Cyrus Salmanzadeh


The main purpose of the present study is to investigate the stability of seed producing companies in the Khuzestan Province, I.R. Iran. This research is a causal-correlational survey. The statistical population consisted of all members of the board of directors of seed producing companies in the Khuzestan Province (N=72). Seventy two questionnaires were distributed using the full enumeration method. Finally, fifty questionnaires were collected and analyzed since a few of the members were not willing to respond to the questionnaires. A questionnaire was used for data collection which was satisfactory in terms of reliability and validity. After completing the questionnaire and data collection, the SPSS software package was used for data analysis. Based on the results of the present study, a significant relationship was found between information resources, social participation, social status and education level with the dependent variable set at the level of 0.001. Also, a significant relationship was observed between the land area, number of warehouses and silos, corporate income, educational courses and age with the dependent variable set at the level of 0.005. The results of stepwise regression showed that the social status, age and corporate income account for 57 percent of the variations of the dependent variable. Moreover, the results of factor analysis related to the stabilizing factors of the seed producing companies of the Khuzestan province showed that supporting and regulatory factors, education and empowering, standardization and satisfaction, application of new technologies and business skills allocate themselves a total of 70.25 percent of the variance of stability of the seed producing companies.


Main Subjects

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