Document Type : Original Research


1 Assistant Professor, Department of Geographical and planning, University of Esfahan

2 Ph.D student, Department of Geographical and planning and teacher of applied and scientific university of Esfahan


The phenomenon of inequality between urban and rural households, mainly rural poverty is one of the things that has attracted especial attention to rural development in the world. This study is descriptive- correlational with the overall objective of ranking rural micro-credit courses based on the achievement of sustainable development in rural areas. This this research study was conducted based on confirmatory factor analysis. The population of this study included all of the personnel of credit institutions and the micro-level depositors and the Morgan table and random sampling of depositors (195) were used.  Data analysis was performed using SPSS software package. The results show that Dehagh, Khezra Sin and Azadi credit institutions ranks in achieving sustainable development are the first, the second and the third, respectively. The results indicate that the environmental, economic and social dimensions of sustainable development have received very little attention. Moreover, the authorities of these units can play a significant role in directing attention to these issues. Thus, it is recommended that the authorities in charge of these units be selected based on criteria such as education level, age, and belief in cooperatives, and etc.


Main Subjects

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