Document Type : Original Research


1 M.Sc. Agricultural Economics, Shiraz University

2 Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics, Shiraz University


Rural development is necessary due to the growth in population and the reduction of food resources. Thus, development of rural agro industries is one of the most important issues for politicians and researchers. The agro industry can play an important role in the use of agricultural products as raw materials and the ensuing development of rural areas. Therefore, this study was carried out aimed at the analysis of factors affecting the export of food industry products in the Khorasan Razavi province. For this purpose, the factors were classified into five main groups based on a review of previous studies and viewpoints of that were obtained after interviewing with  sixty experts in this field, These five groups are: macroeconomic, business and market, technical, financial and credit and the exchange process factors for analysis. Then Path Analysis Models were used for analyzing the impact of these factors. The results showed that macro economic, business and market and financial and credit factors have direct effects on the export of the products of the food industry. Furthermore, technical and exchange process factors have an indirect effect on the export of products of the food industry.


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