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1 Associate Professor, Department of Business Administration, Payam Noor University, Tehran, Iran, organizational email

2 Master of Tourism Management, Payame Noor University, PO Box 4697-19394, Tehran, Iran



Tourism organizations need to communicate and interact with tourists through social media. Through social media platforms, tourists independently generate and share information .The present study was conducted to investigate the effects of data mining quality on the acceptance of information by tourists on social media platforms through the mediating variable of perceived diagnostic effects, information validity in tourism target villages of Khuzestan province. It is an applied research in terms of purpose, a descriptive one, a branch of field studies, in terms of data collection, and a correlation one in terms of its nature. The statistical population of this study is tourists from the target villages of tourism in Khuzestan province. Due to the lack of access to all respondents, the study population was considered unlimited. In this study,the sampling method is convenience sampling, and based on Morgan and Krejcie table، the sample size was determined to be 384. The research data collection methods were library and field methods. In this research, face and content validity as well as construct validity were used to measure validity, and Cronbach's alpha coefficient and composite reliability coefficient were used to measure reliability. The results of structural equation analysis with PLS software showed that data mining quality was adequate on perceived diagnostic effects and information validity.Perceived diagnostic effects and information validity were effective on information acceptance. Also, the effects of perceived risk had a moderating role between the quality of data mining and the perceived diagnostic effects and between the quality of data mining and the validity of information. On the other hand, the perceived diagnostic effects and information validity had a mediating role between data mining quality and information acceptance. Based on the results of the research findings, it is suggested that the managers of pages and blogs active in different social media platforms should continuously provide updated and efficient information and according to the needs of users, by producing suitable textual content and image files. or a downloadable video, increase the information provided to the users. At the same time, by posing questions or challenges, they make the presented content more practical


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