Document Type : Original Research


1 Department of Business Management, Payame Noor university, Tehran, Iran

2 Assistant Prof., Department of Geography and Rural Planning , Payame Noor university, Tehran, Iran

3 Department of polotics. pnu




Today, the growing need for rural entrepreneurship to create many job opportunities for villagers is felt more than in the past. which can be effective in increasing production, improving the level of income and improving the social status of the people. The present study was conducted with the aim of explaining the pattern of obstacles and problems in the development of rural entrepreneurship in cooperative and agricultural companies. The research was conducted qualitatively and with an interpretive phenomenological approach. The statistical population of the research is managers and entrepreneurial experts of cooperative and agricultural companies in 2022, who were selected using purposeful sampling of 25 people until reaching information saturation, and to collect data from in-depth semi-structured interviews and to analyze data using Smith's phenomenological analysis method. and colleagues were used. Based on data analysis, a total of 105 themes, 12 sub-themes and 5 main themes were extracted and classified. This research tries to discover the problems and challenges of the potential of rural entrepreneurship, the purpose of this article is to identify various problems related to rural entrepreneurship. The results indicated that the obstacles and problems of rural entrepreneurship development in cooperative and agricultural companies included the themes of culture, organizational structure, entrepreneurship support, entrepreneurship structure and management. Managers of cooperative and agricultural companies should increase their level of knowledge and management skills by participating in workshops and seminars. Because these skills increase the overall performance of cooperative and agricultural companies.


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