Document Type : Original Research


Department of Agricultural Management and Development, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Tehran, Karaj, Iran



Nowadays, despite the undeniable importance of the beekeeping in different communities due to its economic, social and environmental functions (such as facilitating the pollination of plants), this sector is facing some challenges and neglected opportunities that have limited its performance and development. Hence, the current research tries to identify and analyze the challenges and opportunities of beekeeping in Fereydunshahr county and provide suggestions for its development. Data were collected with a researcher made questionnaire. The sample size was 140 beekeepers who were selected by stratified sampling method among the beekeepers of Fereydunshahr county (210 beekeepers). The results of descriptive statistics and exploratory factor analysis demonstrated that the supply of counterfeit honey and cultural and social challenges (12.67% of variance) such as the lack of space to establish apiaries and the improper use of chemicals in agriculture are the main challenges. Also, the natural opportunities (22.70% of variance) include the suitable climate and vegetation for beekeeping activities and the presence of high quality and abundant water resources near the apiaries are the most important opportunities for beekeeping in Fereydunshahr county. Finally, in accordance with challenges and opportunities identified in the beekeeping sector in Fereydunshahr county, some solutions were suggested in order to improve and develop beekeeping industry in this county.


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