Document Type : Original Research


1 Associate Professor of Geography and Rural Planning, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Mohaghegh Ardabili.

2 MA student of Geography and Rural Planning, University of Mohaghegh Ardabili.



This research was done in the year 2021 and is based on its applied purpose and in terms of its analytical and exploratory nature. The method of data collection, according to the nature of the research study, is both library and field. Qualitative data was collected through an open questionnaire and document review. Quantitative data was prepared numerically and by weighting the Delphi questionnaire. In such a way that first the indicators were collected in different dimensions, and then they were provided to specialists and experts. In order to identify driving and key variables, the model of mutual effects has been used in the form of Mic Mac software. In the next step, after identifying the key factors, 30 experts were asked to assign a score of 0 to 3 to the indicators based on their degree of influence in the framework of the matrix of mutual effects. the results showed that six variables were in independent positions, two variables were input variables, two were dependent variables, and two were in binary positions. Also, the factor of planned tourism in the villages, whose direct impact was 24, as the input factor with the highest determining power in the first place, is the key driver for the development of tourism in the villages of Nair City from the expert panel's point of view. Also, environmental protection, residential facilities, and health facilities of the village were in second place with an impact rate of 17. In this regard, it is suggested to develop a codified programme for the development of rural tourism according to the powers and potentials of the region. In such a way that the development of the tourism industry in rural areas is studied as a new strategy by local communities, political agents, and planners who are considered important factors in the reform of rural areas and can play a major role in the development of these areas.


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