Document Type : Original Research


Engineering faculty.University of Torbat Heydarieh. Torbat Heydarieh. Iran


The tourism industry is the largest industry in the world and all countries is considered an essential tool for the development of economic activities in different fields. The development of this industry, especially in rural tourism, can help the development of local businesses. The general purpose of this study is to analyze the factors affecting the development of rural tourism, especially during the Corona period from the perspective of the residents of Bozhan village in Neishabour. This research is descriptive and analytical. The validity and reliability of the questionnaire were obtained through factor analysis and Cronbach's alpha. In this regard, a questionnaire was provided to the villagers based on Cochranin which the sample size was 294 people. Sample selection from local people is done by a simple random sampling method. Research objectives are performed by descriptive statistics and then an exploratory factor analysis technique, multiple regression and t-test. In this regard, the collected data are analyzed using Excel and SPPS software. The statistical results show that the factors of village attractions, village infrastructure, and villagers’ attitude, and economic level, social, managerial and environmental level are the factors that affect the development of tourism in Bozhan village and have a direct relationship with it. But coronavirus has the highest percentage of variance in the factors affecting tourism development with an inverse relationship with the dependent variable. Finally, some suggestions are mentioned based on the analyzing data for the development of rural tourism in this region during the Corona period.


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