Document Type : Original Research


1 Shahid Beheshti University

2 Ferdowsi University of Mashhad


The use of digital technology has influenced the formation of the creative village as a new approach in using the existing capabilities and reviving the capacities of the village. The present study was conducted to analyze the impact of digital technology on the infrastructure of the creative village of suburban settlements in Mashhad. Research Method In the present study, descriptive-analytical and its type are fundamental in terms of purpose and documentary and field methods have been used to collect information. The statistical population of the present study includes 8 villages around the metropolis of Mashhad, which have a rural ICT office, a population of over 1000 households and are located near the city of Mashhad. According to the total number of households in the sample community (N 20813 households) and with 0.07% error in Cochran's formula, the sample size was calculated equal to 194 households that were selected from the rural community by systematic random method. Spatial analysis of the main variables was performed using FGRA and MABAC models that the villages of Gorji Sofla, Hosseinabad Gharghi and Dehroud have the highest, and the villages of Kal Zarkesh and Chahar Borj have the lowest level of use of digital technology services (RICT) and creative village infrastructure. In order to investigate the effect of digital technology (RICT) on "creative rural infrastructure", while confirming the positive correlation and significance of these two variables with Pearson correlation test, the results of structural equation modeling with partial least squares technique (PLS) show that the dimension "Awareness of RICT services" considering the direct and indirect effects, with a coefficient of 0.755, had a greater impact on the infrastructure of the creative village in the sample settlements. In general, according to the value of the coefficient of determination (R2) for the variable of creative rural infrastructure (0.969), it was determined that the impact of rural digital technology (RICT) on creative rural infrastructure is strong.


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