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Assistant Professor of Plant Production Group Torbat Heydariyeh University


Pistacia vera is one of the important economic crops of Iran and the world. Climate is considered as the main limitation in plant expansion. In this regard, CLIMEX is one of the most advanced software for predicting the range of distribution of plant species. CLIMEX software was used to study the distribution of Pistacia vera for present and possible future climate condition.There are three groups of geographically restrictive variables for each species in this software: Growth indices, Stress indices, Limiting conditions. Potential distribution maps were prepared for the different continents for current and future climate situations. According to the results, Pistacia vera have the potential to be cultivated in countries such as Iran, parts of East China, Central Asia, the Republic of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, parts of southwestern Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and the United States. According to Climax maps, parts of China, Turkey, the United States, and parts of Eastern Europe will be prone to Pistacia vera cultivation with climate change. In Iran, it was predicted that the climate change of cultivation and expansion of this crop will be limited in the southern parts of Khorasan and Kerman provinces and on the other hand, western and northwestern regions in Iran will be prone to cultivation and expansion of this crop.The results of this study can be an effective aid in identifying areas prone to Pistacia vera cultivation and its management in the context of climate change for agricultural sector.


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