Document Type : Original Research


1 Associate Professor, Department of Geography, Payame Noor University

2 PhD Student. Department of Geography,Najafabad Branch , Islamic Azad University, Najafabad , Iran


Today, human activities, comings and goings and communications at the urban and rural levels have changed a lot and these changes have been regardless of environmental conditions and the desired human environment. The present research is based on applied development goal and in terms of descriptive-analytical methodology based on library studies and field studies. To study, model and present the optimal model for the development of rural roads network in Shahinshahr and Meimeh. To achieve the objectives of the research, 4 indicators: natural and ecological, socio-cultural, economic and physical-spatial were extracted and surveyed by 30 experts in the field of urban and rural studies and using Smart-Pls software to analyze the factors. Exploration was done. Then, in order to present the optimal model for the development of the rural road network, the colonial competition algorithm (MST minimum tree cover) in Matlab 2016 software environment has been used, and the Tracking Analyst Tools method in spatialization of the studied indicators in Network Analyst Tools is used in the ArcGIS software environment. The results show that among the studied indicators, the socio-cultural index has the highest coefficient and impact on the development of rural road network and then the economic index is effective as a stimulus and mediator in the second category. Also, the results of spatial analysis show that Among the studied villages, 66.6% are in an unsuitable and completely unsuitable situation in terms of the development of the road network.


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