Document Type : Original Research


1 Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Payame Noor University

2 Professor, Department of Geography, Marvdasht Branch, Azad University

3 Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship Management, Payame Noor University, Tehran, Iran


The appearance of rural settlements has been based on natural factors such as soil and water. Natural factors have a decisive effect on location, dispersion, range of influence, physical development, morphology, and the like, and these factors sometimes act as a positive factor and sometimes as a negative factor. The purpose of this study is the status of rural settlements in Firoozabad city in relation to natural factors. The statistical population includes rural settlements of Firoozabad city. This city has two parts and 5 rural districts. The method studied in this research is the fuzzy TOPSIS method, which is one of the best decision-making methods based on fuzzy variables. The information used includes altitude, slope, direction, climate, vegetation, soil, erosion, land use, which have been analyzed in GIS environment. Findings show that the central part with the most villages has the weakest performance compared to natural factors and Ahmadabad rural district is in the first place with 95% The second part of the city is related to a part of Meymand that has performed better in terms of natural factors so that most of the villages in the city are in a better condition in this part. In general, rural settlements in the north and northwest of Firoozabad are in a better situation. While the situation of rural settlements in the southern and central parts of the city is unsuitable. Be in an awkward position. Therefore, it demands that the potential and capacity of rural settlements in the city be well studied and in proportion to the existing talents in the region, to introduce, plan and implement alternative livelihood programs for the agro-livestock economy that is currently and has destroyed this situation.


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