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The present study was conducted in order to develop rural tourism with the aim of investigating the satisfaction of tourists. The present research is applied in terms of purpose and descriptive-survey research in terms of correlational type. The statistical population of this study is rural tourists in 1400 in Vanai village of Boroujerd. Available sampling method was used to select the samples. The method of collecting information and data, field and its tools have made a researcher questionnaire. The validity of the questionnaire was confirmed by face validity and validity of structures and its reliability was confirmed by Cronbach's alpha coefficient. The correlation test shows that there is a significant relationship between spatial infrastructure, safety needs, love and belonging needs, self-fulfillment needs, physical needs and satisfaction. According to regression coefficients, infrastructure, physical needs and self-fulfillment needs and safety needs have a direct and positive relationship with the dependent variable, ie satisfaction. The results of the present study generally indicate that the satisfaction of tourists due to the nature of travel and also the motivations of tourists is acceptable.

Keywords: Rural tourism, Satisfaction, Boroujerd


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