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1 Assistant professor of agricultural economics, University of torbat heydarieh

2 M.Sc. student of agricultural economics, University of torbat heydarieh

3 Professor of agricultural economics, University of torbat heydarieh


Giving the importance to management of agricultural units, politics decision based on cultivation method containing the goals  priority of agricultural units will get important and selecting a method which can include variety of managers goals and guide them to optimum goals is so important and serious.Therefore, in this study to determine the optimum model using linear programming method (single goal) and planning CGP (Multi choice goal) have placed. Information required through completing 188 questionnaires from farmers functions two-stage cluster sampling Torbat-of-classified to 1394, respectively. The results showed that the cultivation of wheat to the primary level increased and decreased alfalfa product. Barley in small and medium-scale crop farms and large farms without change to the primary level has increased and sugar beet in small-scale farms and in the fields of medium and large scale increase is unchanged means pattern is removed. The cotton crop in small farms and farms of medium and large scale unchanged compared to the initial level decreased


Main Subjects

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