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The development of rural tourism requires recognizing the priorities of tourists and trying to upgrade and adapt the attractions and capabilities of the village to the needs of visitors, so that re-visits, introduction and recommendation to be visited by other tourists. The purpose of this study is to investigate the appropriateness of tourists' priorities with their objective perception of the tourist destination. The statistical population of the study was the tourists of the target villages of Tarom city and considering that the number of tourists entering the villages is not known, 100 tourists were selected as the sample. The data collection method is both documentary and field methods and the main focus of the research is on field findings that have been collected through interviews and questionnaires. In the present study, tourists' priorities have been determined and discussed in 4 general dimensions of infrastructure, attractions, marketing and education, 15 sub-sections and 59 components. For data analysis, descriptive statistics methods (mean and frequency) and for inferential analysis, two techniques of importance-quality (SERVQUAL) and importance-performance have been used. Based on this, the results show the products and products offered. Agricultural tourism opportunities, rural security, natural tourism opportunities, services and accommodation are the main priorities of tourists and despite the capabilities and capabilities of tourism development in target villages, due to the high expectations of tourists from rural tourism capabilities, the difference between the average importance and quality Perceived in the mentioned four dimensions was negative, so that the education dimension with an average gap of -1.12 had the most and marketing with an average gap of -0.24 had the least difference. According to the IPA matrix, the three dimensions of infrastructure, attractions and marketing are in the strategic position of desirability and the educational dimension is in the position of desirability.


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