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The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the impact of new handicrafts manufacturing capability on the impact of the development of target markets in Lorestan province. The present study will use descriptive, analytical research methods. This research is also applied-developmental in terms of purpose. The statistical population of the study consisted of 620 experts, experts and researchers in handicrafts in Lorestan province. The sample size was selected by random sampling based on Cochran formula. The research instrument consisted of a researcher-made questionnaire on modern craftsmanship capabilities, production leap and target market development, with 32 questions. The validity of the questionnaire was formal, which was confirmed by experts and professors, and its reliability based on Cronbach's alpha was 0.82. Data analysis is based on structural equation analysis in AMOS software. The results indicate that the new handicraft production capability has been influenced by the mediating role of target markets in Lorestan province, and that the new handicraft capability has affected the production capability with a coefficient of impact. 0.16, new handicraft capabilities, affecting the development of target markets, with an impact factor of 0.13, the development of target markets, affecting the output jump with an impact factor of 0.36.


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