Document Type : Original Research


1 Assistant Professor of Faculty of Geography, Hakim Sabzevari

2 Rural Planning, Zahedan University

3 Rural Planning, Geography, Hakim Sabzevari University, Sabzevar, Iran


Urban areas, as places of service, have influenced the development of these spaces. Therefore, they must have a proper and effective performance in order to develop the settlements around them. Based on this premise, the present article while determining the performance of Noorabad city; It analyzes its impact on the economic development of the surrounding areas. This research from the perspective of the goal; Applied, and in terms of the nature of the descriptive method, it is considered analytical. Therefore, first, the basic economy of the region was measured by the spatial coefficient (LQ) method, then using MABAK analytical technique, the effect of the basic economy on the economic development of the villages of Pirahshahri was measured. Finally, by numerical taxonomy method, the level of economic development of the villages adjacent to Noorabad Delfan city was ranked according to the design method of the experts' questionnaire. The results indicate that the agricultural sector was considered as the dominant sector of the region's economy. In the study of economic indicators affecting the development of villages through MABAK, it was found that indicators such as; Achieving the second job with a weighted coefficient of 3.399 and changing jobs with a weighted coefficient of 3.193 are among the priorities of this method. This process is due to the fact that the economic development of the regions is at a low level. Finally, in the ranking made in the numerical taxonomic technique, it was determined that the villages of Khalifa-Abad (weight 0.107), Zaliabad (weight 0.152), Cheshmekhani (weight 0.212), respectively, in the rankings 1 to 3 and the rest of the villages are in the next ranks. Therefore, according to the obtained priorities, being on the main bumpy routes between Noorabad city and far and near towns and villages has caused the relative development of some areas, and the basic economy of this city has not played much role in the economic development of Piranshahr villages.


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