Document Type : Original Research


Vakil Heidari Sareban , Full Professor, Department of Urban and Rural Planning, University of Mohaghegh Ardabili, Ardabil, Iran


paper aims to study and analysis of effects good governance on sense of social security improvement in the rural areas of Ardabil County. This study is descriptive - analytical in terms of research methods, practical in terms of nature and is a library and field kind of research in terms of the type of data collection. The tool used in measuring the questionnaire was made by the researcher.Statistical society of research included all of villagers residing in the rural areas of Ardabil County (N=85053). In addition for determining sample size the villagers of residing in the rural areas of Ardabil county was used Cochran formula. Finally, the sample size of rural youth 383 was determined. Sample size was determined based on the Cochran’s formula and the required data were collected through questionnaires. Content validity of the questionnaire was confirmed by professors and experts and its reliability was determined based on Cronbach's alpha (0.74-0.88). For data analysis, SPSS software was used.The obtained results from descriptive findings show that between average of good governance components, average of transparency component (11.25) stand in the first order and average of law domination component (4.26) stand in the last order. And also, from between average of social security sense components, average of personal security (10.8) stand in the first order and average of Judicial security stand in the last order. Also, the results of research showed that there was a statistically significant positive relationship between all variables of research except for rule of law and effectiveness and efficacy variables and improvement of social security sense


Main Subjects

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