Document Type : Original Research


1 PhD student in Business Administration, Birjand Azad University

2 49/5000 Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration, Birjand Azad University


One of the main problems of developing countries is that they rely heavily on income to export one or a limited number of goods. In order to reduce the dependence of Iran's economy on crude oil exports, the orientation of export policies should be shifted towards the export of non-oil goods. This will not happen unless the existing opportunities in the export of various sectors are identified and these opportunities are operational zed through the growth of investment in this field. One of the key components affecting the development of exports and non-oil trade, especially in the agricultural sector and consequently rural development, attention to foreign direct investment and its short-term and long-term impact on trade prosperity and growth of rural development components. Be. This study aims to investigate the role of foreign investment in Khorasan Razavi province on the development of its foreign trade and also the impact of these two parameters on rural development of Khorasan Razavi province. Necessary statistics and information through the customs website of Iran and Khorasan Razavi province, the Central Bank and the Statistics Center of Iran and other library resources for the period 2013 to 2019 for 40 selected agricultural exporting companies selected by the exporters' union, as well as component analysis rural development was achieved. The results of estimating the panel pattern for panel data showed that foreign direct investment in the study period had a positive and significant role on trade in Khorasan Razavi province and subsequently had a positive and significant effect on rural development indicators.


Main Subjects

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