Document Type : Original Research


1 PhD student in Geography and Rural Planning, University of Isfahan, Iran

2 Associate Professor, Department of Geography and Rural Planning, University of Isfahan, Iran


Creating industry in rural areas that have potential can be the best strategy for empowering rural areas. Industry is capable of developing rural areas through employment, income generation and welfare. Since the Angouran section has the largest lead and zinc mines in the Middle East, it has created the necessary conditions for the establishment of several companies in the region which excavate and process these metal materials. These companies are big industries and have created a lot of employment opportunities in the region. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the impacts of lead and zinc companies on the economic and social development of rural Angouran. To achieve this goal, descriptive-analytical method was used and the method of data collection was field work. The statistical population of the study is all of the rural heads of households in the Angouran region. The research tool is a questionnaire that consists of 300 questions and the data were analyzed using the SPSS software package. According to the results, these companies have a significant impact on increasing literacy, health and social welfare in the social dimension and increasing income and savings, creating new job opportunities and attracting urban capital in the economic dimensions of life. The negative consequences of these companies have been in the social dimension, i.e. decline of young people's interest in agriculture and decline of labor force in the agricultural sector. Its negative impacts in the economic dimension is increased consumerism of households and rising land prices.


Main Subjects

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